• Oliver Messner

The Pretty

I have had to get used to, or rather, I have been forced to endure an education on all things pretty over the years. Pretty from the perspective of a growing little girl, that adores everything related to princesses, unicorns and kittens.

There was even a phase where my eldest would have preferred our entire household to be redone in shades of pink, with flowing tassels( I think that's what they're called), fluffy pillowy things, anything that can flow or billow in the slightest breeze and glitter, tons and tons of glitter all around. This phase has passed and she has become somewhat accustomed to the fact that the world is passably beautiful in places, even though it's not smothered, and suffocating in pink glitter.

I'm a contractor, a builder, so pretty isn't really my thing. At work, I do modern, timeless, sleek, rustic and any number of the different design types that clients have a fancy for. Personally, I prefer functionality, logic and sturdiness over anything else. I know what style is trending, how to go about making sure that a home will not look outdated in five years and almost always make clients happy with the designs and ideas I come up with...... but pretty, that's not really my cup of tea. There are special types of interior decorators or designers that can handle something like that, just not me. So it was a bit difficult to wrap my mind around my daughter's way of thinking .

Once I got the basic idea down, it got progressively easier. Shopping for clothing became a breeze, as long as I followed the set guidelines and didn't interject with such trivial matters as logic or, heaven forbid, function. If it was pink or some variation thereof and had at least a sprinkling of glitter somewhere, it was PERFECT. This type of thinking obviously also took hold in every other aspect of her life. All of her drawings always involved a pretty princess, her favorite movies( that she has obviously watched over and over ) involved the same. I can actually sing along to most of the princess movie songs and have even caught myself humming the horrible tunes while busy at work. It's safe to say that I've developed a rather large dislike for Disney due to that fact alone. All her crafts and little assembly projects involved glitter. Of course this meant that glitter got everywhere and the more of it there was the happier she was.

Having braved and weathered the storm, I can say with confidence that I am a veteran of the Pretty. I'd really like to hear how other dad's have copped with this phenomenon

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