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Self incarceration

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

So, with the virus doing it's best to cause havoc around the globe and seemingly everything having ground to a halt, I find myself approaching week three of isolation, containment, confinement, house arrest or as I like to call it 'my own personal jail/hell'. Whatever you want to call it, it amounts to being cooped up with your family,  not being able to do what you want or go where you want and trying to stay sane in the process.

The girls are also very bored and although they view the whole situation as an extended holiday, I can tell that they wouldn't mind for everything to get back to normal. The school supplies material for them to work through and it helps to keep them busy but it only goes so far.

My wife can at least work from home via her laptop. Her workload  has drastically decreased but she still spends her time mashing away on her keyboard, sending mails, making calls , generally doing office related stuff that I don't understand, don't want to understand and find about as interesting as watching paint dry or viewing reality TV shows.

Me on the other hand, well, here's the kicker, I found out that being a contractor doesn't really fit into the work-from-home environment. Power tools, spirit levels and tool boxes haven't really transitioned into the digital age and are more than useless in the current situation. So I find myself fighting boredom on a daily basis and there is nothing that I loath more than boredom, not even licorice. I'm constantly coming up with things to do, stuff to try out and basically getting on everyone's nerves.

The best thing to happen is that I've started drawing again, after almost a decade long hiatus and can't for the life of me understand why I stopped doing something that took up such a huge portion of my life all those years ago. Learning and relearning everything is taking up copious amounts of time, which I currently seem to have in spades.... and it's freaking awesome.

I've also supplemented my home-gym weight lifting routine by taking up calisthenics ( I had to look up the spelling on that one) and much to the detriment of my wife, gotten the family to join in on the program. I'm about as flexible as week old toast and sport more injuries than a millennial has emotional issues (👍 ) but actually find it a lot of fun. Getting my abused, 220lb pound frame to do some of those exercises is a bit challenging and causes my wife a chuckle or two.

Apparently we have another three weeks of lock down to go and although that sucks to high heaven, the prospect of which just makes the bile rise in the back of my throat, I've made peace with the fact that there is nothing I can do to change that. So I'll endeavor to make the best of the situation, trying to be positive, creative and helping my family do the same. So stay safe and stay sane.

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