• Oliver Messner

Laziness, woe is me.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

So, I've done what I promised myself I wouldn't do, and that is, among others, to stop writing blog posts. For no real discernible cause, dire personal tragedy or esoteric conundrum. The only reasons that come to mind are, dimwitted forgetfulness and general, sloth-like laziness. I kept putting it off, telling myself that I'll write something later and worry about it tomorrow. Well, tomorrow came, it then went and as is generally the case, was conveniently followed by another and another and another .... ad infinitum.

A quick recap of whats happened in the last few months. There's been the normal highs and lows of being self employed, kid's holidays, Christmas ( or as I like to refer to it as, the 'Spendallyourmoneyonuselescrap-a-thon', New Years, powering through flu season ( still busy on that front ) ,another house move and of course Covid 19, just to name a few. All of these events combined to offer me a handy variety of excuses to employ at my leisure and justify to myself just why I haven't written a post.

Disgusting, I know but I have taken steps and thoroughly reprimanded myself, spending a quarter hour in front of the bathroom mirror, having a rather one sided argument with the lazy sod standing across from me. I even went so far as to heartlessly scrap my ritual morning cup of coffee and cigarette combo as punishment for my lax and flighty behavior. Duly chastised, I will endeavor to do better and not use excuses when and where they pop up.

I will keep posting at a measured ( i.e. slow ) pace and hopefully continue to improve upon the content I come up with.

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