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Cats. Or the feline dilemma

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

After having moved into our new home a few months ago, a stray cat started coming around on a daily basis. I will admit that I may have petted it a bit but in no way did I make it feel too welcome. Just having emigrated, I had a lot of other things higher on my list of priorities than dealing with a new pet. At first I thought that it was just going about it's business, and our place was a stop over in it's daily routine.

Of course I was wrong and it turned out that my wife and the girls had been feeding it. Next thing I knew, the cat had been christened Missy and was now a part of the household. I was none too happy about this development. Firstly because I explicitly asked everyone not to get too friendly with the cat, so she would not get attached to us and secondly, I've just never really been much of a cat lover. As happens a lot in my family of three women and a solitary man, I got ignored and we now had a new family pet.

A month later my brother in law called up my wife and informed her that he had found a baby kitten around the back of the building where he works. It was malnourished, shivering, obviously in need of attention and he didn't know what to do as my sister would never allow him to bring it back home with him. So the obvious happened and we now had not one but two cats living with us. The little one was named Patches and after about a week of some serious TLC she got got back on her feet. She is now about five months old and, in my opinion, gets up to way too much trouble.

Kira is ecstatic about the entire development as she thinks anything even remotely feline related is just awesome, even going so far as to describe lions as being 'cute and cuddly' ( foregoing the fact that a lion would sooner eat your face off than give you a cuddle). I was promised by my wife and eldest daughter that I would not have to bother with them at all. That they would make sure they had food and water and clean up whatever mess they caused. The funny thing is that I actually, honest to god, believed them this time and while that may have been the case for about a week or two, I now have to deal with the feline intruders.

Waking up at the crack of dawn and then navigating the staircase on my way to the kitchen, all the while avoiding the cats attempts to trip me up and send me to an early grave, is not my idea of the ideal way to start the day. They also seem to be able to get any and everywhere. Any cupboard door or drawer left slightly ajar is now an open invitation for them to go rummaging and exploring. Every semi-flat surface, no matter how high off the ground is now also part of their domain and I spend a lot of time chasing them off and out of places they shouldn't be, much to the delight of my daughters.

The girls love playing with them. Patches especially gives them no end of entertainment, causing them to squeal and giggle in delight as she runs and jumps around, chasing a piece of rope that the girls drag along in front of her. Pouncing and then proceeding to whale on any of the stuffed animals unfortunate enough to have been left unattended in the lounge, or anywhere else for that matter. She even lets my youngest carry her around everywhere, enduring hugs and kisses all the time without complaint.

I will grudgingly admit that I may like them .... at least a little. They also make my daughters happy and that alone is a major plus in my daily parenting life. Even the fact that my wishes were once again ignored by my family doesn't really bother me, as I have come to expect no less, learned to roll with the punches and generally do not like wasting my time on futile endeavors, trying to change the unchangeable.

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