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Ankle Biter Watch - A New Challenge

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Kira, my eldest is currently on school holidays and spends her days at her Grandmothers. I drop her off in the mornings, go about my work day and collect her after I fetch the little one at the Kindergarten in the afternoon. No worries, no hassles and everyone is happy. My mom, because she gets to spend time with her grand kid. Kira, as she gets doted on by her Gran. Mia, well she always gets spoiled anyway, so she's got a reason to smile regardless and me, because it makes it so much easier to manage my time.

It's been a slow week work wise, due to a project being postponed at the last minute and none of the others being ready to start on yet. Little Mia naturally got a bit of flu (no big surprise there), so I decided to keep her at home and watch the kids for the rest of the week. Giving my mom a bit of a breather and leaving me with something to do.

All I can say is ...... WOW! What a couple of days it was. At the end of it all I felt like roadkill, very tired and very old roadkill. I think I've now also developed a permanent twitch on my left eyelid. I still don't know how my wife, who stayed at home with both kids for years when each was born or any person who takes care of the kids full time, does it. Especially if one is sick. Is there medication involved? Alcohol? A carefully blended combination of both? Whatever the secret, I definitely don't know what it is, nor does anyone want to let me in on the obviously, highly secret, clandestine location of the shop where one could buy it in bottled or pill form.

I've taken care of the both of them before and done so numerous times without problems but I've never had the 'pleasure' of having them by myself when one of them was sick and I hope I never have to relive that particular experience again.

It's totally normal that kids will keep you on your toes no matter what, I know mine always have. What made this time so special is the fact that I had to spend most of my time caring for Mia, as her flu got slightly worse and she had also brought home a stomach bug, courtesy of the Kindergarten, which I've explained in a previous post here . At the same time I was also having to entertain Kira, who was complaining about how bored she was and why was it that Mia was getting all the attention.... ?

So after the little one's moaning, the bigger ones complaining, the cooking, the diaper changing, entertaining, administering of medicine, showering, stopping them from bickering among each other, oh .... and vomit, that happened twice as well, thanks again to the before mentioned stomach bug, I was more than happy when my wife came home in the evenings. By happy, I mean that I was ecstatic, jubilant and overjoyed.

When my wife then later asked me, staring me straight in the eyes over the rim of her coffee mug to better gauge if I was telling the truth or not, I said : " Everything was fine, no probs, we had a very good day, thanks." She obviously knew that I was lying and I was lying because.. well, I AM MAN and we don't like admitting defeat, even if we have just been totally and utterly conquered.

So, the eye twitching, roadkill-like-feeling wreck that was me, held out until the weekend. The little one was feeling much better by then but, man was I ever relieved when my wife was home and wordlessly took charge once more. Smiling in her knowing little way, which I ignore and pretend not to notice. Such is life.

Heroes come in all shapes, forms and sizes, I just happen to be married to mine... just don't tell the wife, I'll never hear the end of it otherwise.

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