• Oliver Messner


Fun. That word can mean different things to different people. It usually changes as you get older and one's idea of what's fun when in your early twenties probably isn't the same as when you start scratching the big four ohh. That's just the way life is and there's nothing that can be done about it, doubly so if you have a family.

I was a bit of a trouble maker when I was younger ( I actually mean an idiot that had a surprising knack for getting into and causing all kinds of trouble). Fun back then consisted of being out all the time with my friends, lots of drinking, lots of fighting and lots of partying. Going on dates with my then girl friend and now wife, when and where ever we wanted to. Looking back on it now, it was basically a lot of dumb things all rolled together. Thinking about some of my historical escapades every now and then still makes me smile and then wonder how I actually managed to stay alive through it all.

Fast forward a decade or two and what I consider a good time has changed drastically compared to that idiot from yesteryear. While I obviously consider the things I get up to with the kids fun, it is nowhere near to what I would have called an awesome time a mere ten years ago and that's really not such a bad thing.

I was driving the kids to school the other day, we had already dropped the little one at the kindergarten and were on route to Kira's school. We were late, the little monster had had a fit mere minutes before and I also realized that I had forgotten something at home that I needed on site, so I wasn't in the greatest of moods. Kira proceeded to ask me ( for the hundredth time ), when we were going to go to the darn water park, the one that has billboards all over the place, just in case someone missed the fact that it existed. I again told her that we'll go when it gets warm. She frowned, pouted and complained that she never got to do anything even remotely fun. That's when I lost my temper a bit. It had been one of those mornings and she'd been on a complaining spree for the last couple of days. I proceeded to tell her that she always gets to have fun, seemingly non stop. Her mother and I do everything for the kids, get them whatever they want and do everything they want to do. It would be nice if we'd get a thank you every now and then, instead of this constant moaning. I finished it off with, " You know the last time your mom and me had fun? ... Yeah, exactly, that was before you guys were born!"

The younger me would have laughed at seeing a dad, out and about with his family, struggling to control his kids and temper while still trying to enjoy the moment. The older me would now laugh at the young punk, still dripping wet behind the ears, who has no clue about what's in store for him and who should rather focus on enjoying his time, having fun and stop laughing at other people's woes.

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